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You can use barcode scanners with Tracepos. Here’s how.

Start by adding the UPC code, EAN code, or ISBN code to the product.

You can do this while adding a Product to Tracepos or when importing products in bulk into Tracepos.

The easiest way to find the code is by scanning the barcode into a text editor, such as Notepad on Windows.

Then simply cut the code and paste it into the UPC/EAN/ISBN field.

Note: You can scan the barcode directly into the form or spreadsheet, but you may see error messages, depending on how your barcode scanner is configured.

Also, if you are using Excel, remember that the UPC/EAN/ISBN code is text, not a number, so set that particular column as text, so the leading zeroes aren’t chopped off.




This how to make a sale with a barcode,

In the Sales Register screen scan the product barcode into the search box

The product will automatically be added to the sales register as long as your barcode scanner is configured properly.

If a customer is buying more than one of the product, you can either change the quantity manually or scan the barcode again


Receive Product with Barcode

Most products are already barcoded from the factory.

You may want to use the manufacturers’ barcode; it is easier and faster to add products

Or you can generate and print your own Barcode from Tracepos and attach it to the product

This is how to generate barcode

Go to the Items screen, and click the checkbox of the products you need barcodes for.

Then click the Generate Barcodes button.


This will generate some barcodes that you can print with a barcode printer or laser printer.



NOTE: These barcodes are customizable. Take a look at the barcode tab in the settings

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