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Create suppliers

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Create suppliers

Before you add any product to Tracepos, you should first add your suppliers.

I recommend you gather all of your suppliers’ information, so grab that now. You’ll need it for the next part of this training.

There are two ways to enter Suppliers into Tracepos. They are: Single Entry and Excel Import

Single Supplier Entry

From the navigation menu on your left, click on “Users” select “Suppliers

When you’ve done that, it will take you to the List of Suppliers page. From there you’ll see a list of suppliers but there aren’t any entered by default. You’ll want to add your suppliers now.

Click the New Supplier button.

This will open the “New Supplier” form on a new page.

Only the fields in red are required. You can fill out any other information you have, it is optional.

Click the “Submit” button to save the supplier.

After submitting you will see the newly created suppliers’ information in the list of suppliers.

You can follow this process to add all of the suppliers you have.

If you entered the supplier email and phone number, you’ll notice that Email and Phone Numbers are included in the list of suppliers on the suppliers’ Page.

This lets you Contact your suppliers quickly.

You can even click on the supplier’s email address right in the list, and your default email client will launch with the suppliers’ email address pre-populated in the “TO”: field.

You can filter the suppliers by typing something into the search box.

This will help you and your employees find suppliers quickly. You can also sort the list by clicking on the headings.

That is how you can add a supplier to Tracepos through a single entry

Importing Suppliers

The process involved in importing suppliers into Tracepos is almost similar to importing products and customers.

From the navigation menu on your left, click on “Users” select “Suppliers

When you’ve done that, it will take you to the List of Suppliers page.  You’ll want to add your suppliers now.

Click on the Excel Import button.

This will launch the Import suppliers from Excel sheet form in a modal.


Click the “Download Import Excel Template (CSV)” button to download the template file to your system.

Open the template file in Excel or another spreadsheet program, and use prefilled data as a guide while creating your import file.

The only rows that are required are “First Name“, “Last Name“, and “Gender“.

You can leave the rest blank if you want.

For Gender, the male is “1” and the female is “0“.

Taxable is a checkbox in the system, so put a “y” in the cell if you want it checked and leave it blank if you don’t.

Save your file as a CSV file when you’re done with it, and then go back to Tracepos.

Click the Select file button on the “Import suppliers from Excel sheet form”. Find your file, and open it.


You should see your file in the form. Click the “Submit” button to import your suppliers.

If you didn’t get any error messages, your import was successful. Reload the page to see your suppliers.

That is all about importing suppliers to Tracepos