Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) play a pivotal role in economic development. They drive innovation and competition in emerging economies through substantial local capital development.

According to SMEDAN AND NATIONAL BUREAU OF STATISTICS 2013 COLLABORATIVE SURVEY, the size of SMEs in Nigeria stands at 37,067,416 while wholesale and Retail sector stands at 20,053,065 which represents over 54% of the total SMEs in Nigeria.

As Revealed by the report some of the pain points confronting the operations of SMEs in Nigeria are poor infrastructure, poor support (business development services), obsolete technology and many more. These make most of the SMEs to operate below optimum capacity and also most of them fold up after few year of operation.

We at Rivmark Studio intend to address these challenges in the wholesale and Retail sector by providing an innovative Cloud Inventory Management and Accounting Solution that helps SMEs to pool their data seamlessly

Our solution is Tracepos.

Tracepos is a cloud based Retail Management Software delivered as Service. It is designed to assist business owners

  • to efficiently take inventory of their stock,
  • Process sales easily
  • keep track of customers’ records
  • Maintain suppliers’ information
  • Keep Track of Expenses
  • Perform accounting bookings
  • Generate Accounting Report
  • Eliminate fraud
  • And Many more

As a SaaS, Tracepos is offered as a monthly subscription. There are no upfront license fee, upgrade and maintenance are included as part of the subscription.

Learn more about Tracepos Retail Management and Accounting software by clicking on the button below 

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