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The Quotations category in the Tracepos knowledge base articles is a valuable resource for understanding and managing the quotation process within the Tracepos system. This category provides comprehensive information and guidance on creating and managing quotations to effectively communicate pricing and product details to potential customers.

Within this category, you will find articles that cover various aspects of generating and utilizing quotations. Learn how to create professional and accurate quotations, including selecting the appropriate register mode and configuring the necessary settings to generate quotes efficiently.

Discover how to search for and add specific items to your quotation, ensuring that the product details and pricing information are accurately reflected. Gain insights into customizing and formatting quotations to create a professional and persuasive document for your customers.

The Quotations category also provides instructions on managing customer information within quotations, including searching for existing customers or creating new customer profiles directly within the quotation process. Understand how to associate quotations with the appropriate customer details to facilitate effective communication and follow-up.

Additionally, explore features related to payment types and options within quotations. Learn how to set and modify payment preferences, whether it’s cash or bank transactions, to accommodate your customers’ needs.

By leveraging the resources within the Quotations category, you can enhance your ability to create, manage, and track quotations effectively within the Tracepos system. Whether you are a sales representative, business owner, or manager, these articles provide valuable insights and instructions to streamline your quotation processes, improve customer communication, and ultimately drive sales success.

How to Create a Quotation on Tracepos

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Create a Quotation on Tracepos

Learn how to create a quotation on Tracepos with this step-by-step guide. This article includes instructions on how to add items to the quotation, choose a payment type, and save the quotation. You will also learn how to print the proforma invoice and complete the sale.