Best Inventory Management Software for Wholesale and Retail SME Business Owners in Nigeria

Tracepos Inventory management software is the best inventory management and Accounting software in Nigeria that helps Wholesale and Retail SME business owners who are looking for ways on how to grow their retail business, to do that with ease.

If you an SME Business owner in Nigeria, you would agree with me that managing your stock manually could be very tedious. In other to simplify your inventory management process and keep accurate track of your stock, Tracepos presents you with the best Inventory management software you can get in Nigeria


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Features of Tracepos Inventory Management Software

Below are some of the reasons why Tracepos is the best inventory management software for Wholesale and Retail SME Business Owners in Nigeria and why you need to start using it to manage your stock

  • Track inventory & replenish stock across all location
  • Track items pending payment and item received payments
  • Capture Sales & Track income on sales at any time
  • Maintain suppliers information
  • Give voucher or discount sales items
  • Receive and manage Sales Order
  • Create and scan barcodes on items
  • Generate and email customers’ sales receipt and invoice
  • Get a real-time notification on Low inventory and out of stock items
  • Get an indepth analysis of your business at a glance
  • Manage and calculate tax on all taxable items
  • Assign and Manage user access rights
  • Generate Detailed Performance Reports
  • track accounting information such as journal entries and export this information into other industry-leading accounting packages
  • print Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, P&L statements, view balances, and limits, etc.
  • Reconcile Bank Transactions

How Tracepos works Inventory Management Software

Tracepos is a robust inventory management software with lots of advanced modules to help Retail and Wholesale  SME business owners to manage and grow their business easily

Below are some of Tracepos advanced solution

Tracepos Inventory Management Solution

Tracepos inventory module ensures that you don’t lose count of the number of products you have in stock. Not only that, but you also know the price of each product and the worth of your entire business.

Tracepos Point Of Sale Solution

Tracepos Point of Sale Solution takes a record of sales made in each branch and automatically reduces your stock quantity. It also separates the cost price and income on the amount of each item sold.

Where the sales are not captured, the stock quantity remains on the system. This will cause a variance when you perform inventory count so that you can detect the missing product that is not accounted for.


Print, track, and export accounting data such as:

  • Journal Entries
  • Balance Sheet
  • Trial Balance
  • Profit and Loss
  • Account Receivables
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • etc

Back-Up and Security

Tracepos software is secured with user access right management so that your staff can not manipulate inventory and sales record

No Back Office Server

Tracepos does not require a back office server for it to run; your data is safe, secured, and accessible in the cloud.

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14 thoughts on “Best Inventory Management Software for Wholesale and Retail SME Business Owners in Nigeria”

  1. I need to know how much I must pay to use the software. Also whether it will be a one off payment or repetitive.

    Thank you.

    1. Hillary Marcel

      Thanks Godwin for your enquiry,
      Tracepos cost just 3,500 naira that’s about $10 USD per month.

      Tracepos is hosted in the cloud, making it easy for you to access your business from anywhere.

      I hope this answers your question

  2. I run a retail store and am very much interested in your service.
    However, I noticed there is no contact phone number or address at which I could call on.

  3. Why is your trial version not going through. I clicked on ‘Register’ it ain’t clickable… I need to try before subscribing

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  7. As an affiliate, how do i earn?…. i will appreciate if i can be contacted via call or whatsapp 09129489023….. i have already gotten a customer and he is willing to subscribe

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