How To Expand Your Business Without Additional Stress Or Worry About Insincere Employees Stealing From You While You Are Not There

How about if you can expand your business by opening more branches and still have 100% control of all the branches without additional stress or worry about insincere employees stealing from you while you are not there?

Learn More About Tracepos

These and many more are exactly what our software can do for your business.

I will explain a few of the below

  • Tracepos inventory module ensures that you don’t lose count of the numbers of products you have in stock. Not only that, but you also know the price of each product and the worth of your entire business.
  • Tracepos sales module records the sales made in each of your shops and automatically reduces your stock quantity. It also separates the cost price and income on the amount of each item sold.


Where the sales are not captured, the stock quantity remains on the system. This will cause a variance when you perform inventory count so that you can detect the missing product that is not accounted for.

Our software is secured so that your staff can not manipulate inventory and sales records.


Our software helps you take care of your accounting without having to worry about employing an accountant.


Tracepos is offered as a monthly subscription. There are no upfront license fees, upgrade, and maintenance are included as part of the subscription.

Amazingly this software does not cost much. With only N3,500 naira monthly, you will have and make use of this software.


Tracepos has a 14 days free trial. Meaning, you will not have to pay any money before using it for the next 14 days


 At the end of the trial, you can choose to continue or discontinue. Also, you can pause or cancel the subscription anytime you want.



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