The 5 Real Problem African Small Business Owners Faces


Some of the challenges that are common among small business owners are:


They take care of everything on their own, from managing customers’ relationships to managing the entire business operations and growing the business at the same time. While the lists of problems that small and medium businesses (SMEs) have to deal with are endless, we are going to look at a few of them and how to overcome them easily.

Doing More with Less Resources

“Doing more with less” appears to be the small business mantra. Business owners are tasked with everything from managing operations to maintaining accurate reporting, all while taking care of customers and actually growing their business.

At the same time, small business budgets can be severely constrained, and resources are frequently scarce. You must, however, find a way to keep going. While there are numerous pain points that small and midsize businesses (SMBs) face, let’s look at a few of them and how you can overcome these common challenges.

Not enough time 

There never seems to be enough hours in the day, which is a common complaint among business owners. You’re wearing a lot of hats and playing a lot of roles, and you’ve probably put in a 40-hour workweek before Thursday.

Many business owners accept this as a necessary cost of doing business and are willing to bear it in order to enjoy the freedom and opportunities that come with owning your own company. As admirable as that is, it can have a negative impact on your business.

You can’t be in two places at the same time, and a day only has 24 hours. As a result, if you spend too much time on one aspect of your business, other aspects suffer. As a result, it is critical for small businesses to find ways to improve efficiency as much as possible.

Any opportunity to automate time-consuming tasks could significantly reduce the demands on your time while also assisting you in improving your business in the short and long term.

Learn Inventory management for Small Business Owners 

Many small and medium-sized businesses struggle with inventory management because they are hesitant to invest in costly software. Instead, they rely on workarounds such as spreadsheets and other manual methods, which reduce efficiency and increase the likelihood of errors.

Not only that, but with limited inventory visibility, you risk losing business because you don’t have products in stock or wasting money on perishable products that get spoiled in-store or in warehouses.

To cut costs and increase revenue, business owners should look into systems that will improve the efficiency of their inventory management practices. Better software can provide you with the data you require to develop better strategies and optimize your inventory.

Small Business Growth

Challenges in Accounting

Accounting practices that are accurate and timely are critical for maintaining strong cash flow and profit margins and providing you with the visibility you need to achieve long-term success. However, many business owners face new accounting challenges as their company expands.

These growing pains, combined with an over-reliance on pen and paper or an entry-level accounting solution (e.g., spreadsheets), give rise to a variety of accounting issues, including

  • Managing accounts receivable/collections: Difficulty following up on unpaid invoices and seeing how far behind customers are with payment.
  • Managing paperwork and reporting: It takes too much time gathering and analyzing relevant data to produce accurate reports.
  • Month-end reporting: It can take days, if not weeks, to complete month-end reporting because you’re combing through scattered data from multiple sources.
  • Payroll management: You may be finishing on time, but you’re definitely spending far too much time on this bi-weekly task.

Addressing Frequent Pain Points

Look no further than Tracepos Software if you’re looking for a single solution that can address the top pain points for small-to-midsize business owners while also enabling future growth for your company (Tracepos). Our powerful cloud-based business management software goes beyond accounting to help you address a variety of issues in your business, including:

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  • Greater efficiency: By streamlining all of your operations and processes, Tracepos saves you time. Automate tasks and receive reports more quickly, allowing you to spend more time optimizing your business operations.
  • Improved inventory management: Tracepos’ inventory management module makes it simple to monitor items and provides the data you need to build successful inventory procedures.
  • Better, more intelligent accounting: The accounting module in Tracepos allows you to record and process accounting transactions such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, journal, general ledger, payroll, and trial balance. It performs the role of an accounting information system.
  • Bank Reconciliation: The Tracepos bank reconciliation feature allows you to match your books of account to the balance provided by your financial institution in the most recent bank statement. Any discrepancy between the two figures will be revealed so that you can investigate and, if necessary, correct them.
  • Smart CRM: Tracepos helps you to learn more about your customers and suppliers, as well as how to best meet their needs by establishing a connection that includes direct contact, such as sales and service-related operations, forecasting, and the analysis of patterns and behaviours, resulting in customer retention and sales growth.

Small Business Growth

Consider switching to Tracepos if your company has outgrown pen and paper, spreadsheets, or other entry-level accounting software. Our cloud inventory management and accounting solution are among the only business management software that allows you to combine your online and offline inventory, orders, customer information, and financial data all in one place. That means your sales, marketing, and accounting teams may easily access client data (contact information, preferred product or service, invoices, and orders) for improved synchronization and efficiency.

Try Tracepos free for 14 days.

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This may improve your customer experience while also streamlining your operations and lowering reporting time, allowing you to complete real-time, daily, weekly, quarterly, month-end, yearly, and historical reports in a matter of clicks rather than days or weeks. With Tracepos, you can overcome the challenges of running a successful business while improving your entire operations.  



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