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Create a product

If you are creating your product for the first time on Tracepos, you will see this screen on the below image.

Click on the “Create Your First Product” button, and it will take you to the New Product form

Or From the navigation menu on your left, click Inventory Select All Product. This will load up the List of Inventory page in Tracepos.

There are two ways to enter products in Tracepos: Single product entry and Excel import.



Start by clicking the New Product button. This will open the New Product form on a new page


On the New Product page, fill the new product form with your product details.

Take a look at the example below.

Press the Submit button when you are satisfied, and this product will be added to Tracepos.

Note: The red fields are compulsory. The others are optional.


Sample Product Fields:

  • Product Name: Large Television
  • Category: Electronics
  • Supplier: Rivmark Online Shop
  • Cost Price: 35000
  • Retail Price: 45000
  • Quantity HO: 6
  • Reorder Level: 3

HO is an abbreviation for Head office it’s your default stock location.

This was easy for us because we did our prep work ahead of time.

That’s all there is to entering a basic product. We’ll cover the more advanced options in future training.


You can import bulk products into Tracepos.

On the new product page Start by clicking on the Excel Import button. This will launch the Import Products from Excel Sheet form in a modal


Start by downloading the template if you haven’t already. Click on the “Download Import Excel Template (CSV)” button on the form. When you do this, a file will be downloaded to your computer. Open it in Excel or another spreadsheet program.

You can use the downloaded template as a guide when creating your import file. The following rows must be filled out:

  • Product Name
  • category
  • cost Price
  • unit Price
  • reorder Level
  • location
  • quantity

By default, you have one location: Location 1. If you have more than one location, add more columns to the CSV file. For example: location2, quantity2, location3, quantity3, etc. You can see which location numbers you have in the Settings module under Stock Locations.

Two of the columns need some further explanation: “Allow Alt Description” and “Product has Serial Number“. They’re represented as checkboxes in the system. Put a “y” in the cell if you want the box to be checked, and leave it blank if you don’t.

You can set up Custom Fields, such as Color, in the Settings module. If you do, you can enter your color in the custom1 field. You can have up to 10 custom fields.

Note: keep these values 25 characters or less.

Save the file as a CSV file and then go back to Tracepos.

Click the Select file button on the Import Products from Excel sheet form. Find the file you just saved and open it.

Finally, click the Submit button to import your products into Tracepos.

If you don’t see any error messages, your import was successful. Reload the page to see your products

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