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Create ledger accounts

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Create ledger accounts

Now that you have created a product, the next step would be to create a ledger account.  The ledger account that we are going to create will be used as your store payment method. For the sake of this guide, we are going to create only a bank account.

Here is how to do that. Click on the left navigation bar, click on the “Accounting” menu select “Chart of accounts” to open the Charts of accounts page

On the Charts of accounts page checks if your bank account is already listed among the ledger accounts already on Tracepos.

If your bank is not listed there, then click on the “Add Ledger” button at the top right of your screen.

On the New Ledger page,

enter your bank name or payment method on the “Ledger name”  field

Select “Bank Balances” as the “Parent group”,

Select  “Assets” as  “Account Type”

Select “DR” as “Opening Balance”

Thick  “Bank or Cash Account” checkbox

Thick  “Reconciliation” checkbox

Click the “Create” button to submit the form

See the example below: