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How to bulk update inventory quantities

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How to bulk update inventory quantities

Tracepos allows you to update product inventory in a variety of ways. However, other tasks, such as maintaining your inventory, are better handled with a spreadsheet.

Tracepos lets you export your inventory data to a spreadsheet, make adjustments, and then re-import the data into Tracepos. The submitted data will replace the existing stock quantity.

Please note that all Data Imports are for CSV files only (comma-separated value).

NOTE: You cannot use this feature to update the same product for different stock locations at the same time. This will result in an error. you will need to import them separately.


How to Update physical With Tracepos Inventory

Step One: Go to “Reports”  scroll down to the “Inventory Reports” section, select “Inventory stock sheet” report, select the parameters, choose “export to excel” and submit.

This will download your inventory to your device.

You can fill in your current balance in the “current balance” column.

Step Two: From the navigation menu on your left, click Inventory Select All Product. This will load up the List of Inventory page in Tracepos.

On the product page Start by clicking on the Excel Import button. in the dropdown menu select “Update Inventory” This will launch the “Update inventory from Excel sheet” form in a modal.