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Receive Product

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Receive Product

Whenever you purchase a new product that is already on Tracepos to sell in your store, you should “Receive” it in Tracepos.

How To Receive Products

You do this through the Receive Product page

Click on “Inventory” and then the “Receive Products” link on the navigation bar.

This will load the “Receive Product page”.

You can use the form to receive products, move products (requisites) from one of your shops to another, or “return” products back to the supplier you bought them from.


By default, the “Receiving Mode” is set to receive. Leave it that way for now.

Start by typing the item’s name into the “Start Typing item’s name or scan barcode…” field.

Click on your product and it will be added to your item list. You can add multiple products to the list if you wish.
When you’re done, it will look something like this:

You can edit the cost, quantity, and discount percentage if you wish.

If the product isn’t in Tracepos, you can click the “New Item” button to launch the “New Item Form” in a modal.

(See the “Create a Product” section of the user guide.) In this case, we’ve imported the products, so we don’t have to create them.

If the supplier is already on Tracepos, you can type the supplier’s name into the “Select Supplier” section. If he is not, you can either skip this or click the “New Supplier” button to add one. (See the Suppliers section of this user guide for more information.)


Finally, you select a “Payment Type” and enter the “Amount Tendered”.

When you’re satisfied, click the Finish button.

Tracepos will generate a Receiving Report. We recommend printing out this Report and stapling it to your invoice. You can then track the payments you issued either by cheque or cash with our accounting module.


How To Return Items

If you have to return an item to a supplier, click on “Inventory” and then the “Receive Products” link on the navigation bar again but this time change the “Receiving Mode” to “Return“.

Then type the item’s name or scan the barcode into the “Find/Scan Item OR Receipt” field. You can also type the receiving number (in this case “RECV 1“) into the field and press Enter. This will load all of the items on that Receiving with negative quantities.

It will also add the supplier automatically if there was one and show the total as a negative number.
You can edit the quantities if you need to.

Then you just have to select the “Payment Type” and the “Amount Tendered“. In this case, they’re paying you by
cheque, so you select a “Payment Type” of “Check” and the “Amount Tendered” as -2725.
Click the “Finish” button when you’re satisfied. This will generate a new Receiving Report. Staple this to your original invoice and receipt.

You might want to keep as much of this paperwork together as you can.