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After creating an instance of Tracepos that have been set up for you, you will need to configure it for your store Here is how to do that.

First login to Tracepos,

From the navigation menu on your left, select Settings

This will take you to the “Settings” page.

The fields in red are mandatory, while the fields in black are optional.

You, change your company name, address, phone, email, and return policy. If you want to, you can also add a logo, website URL, and fax.

Then click the Submit button at the bottom.


After that, you want to enter your tax rate(s). Since we’re in Nigeria, we only have one tax: a 7.5 percent value-added tax (VAT). So we’ll enter “VAT” and “7.5”



We can leave the rest of the Settings as they are for now. Scroll down, and click the Submit button again to save your changes.

Stock locations

You can add different stock locations to Tracepos

On the settings page,  click on the Stock Location tab

By default, there is one stock location called HO.

If you want to set up another stock location called “Jumia”, click the “+” button, type a name in the text box, and click the Save button.

This will set up two stock locations: HO and Jumia. You can add as many locations as you have

 View Inventory By Location

You can see a breakdown of your inventory by stock location by looking at the Inventory Summary Report.

Click on the report link on the navigation menu, and then look under Inventory Reports for the Inventory Summary Report.

Click it, and then click the Submit button. This will launch the Inventory Summary Report.

You can sort this report by “Stock location” if you want to. You can also export it.